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Hi, I’m Alyssa – Mindset & Spiritual Life Coach. I believe we are all meant to live out our own unique purpose and dreams in this life. However, it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day as well as society’s expectations of
how we should be living, rather than following our own natural state of flow.

Thus, deeply to our core, we may feel as though there is something “missing” or we’re not tapping into our truest and highest potential. There are many reasons why we find ourselves out of flow from time-to-time and I believe the more consciousness and healing we bring to ourselves, the more in alignment we become. Bringing into possibility really living out the reality we dream of. I’ve experienced my fair share of feeling depressed, anxious, at times suicidal, unworthy, undeserving, disconnected from myself as well as suffering physically with hormonal imbalances and inflammation.

I’ve co-worked and manifested my dream life with the help of my own coaches but more importantly, they helped me heal the parts of myself that were delaying my progress of alignment.

I truly want others to feel empowered and confident in their ability to heal and make decisions towards their dream life. Coming back to myself was and still is the key to feeling my best most of the time.

It doesn’t mean that things in life will always go “as planned” or the way “I wanted to manifest it” or even without its own pain and challenge. But ultimately, finding our own flow amongst everything life has to offer is most
definitely possible and available to us all.

What you can expect from these experiences

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

End your fear
and self-doubt

work through past traumas & ideas

manifest your
dream life

feel fully confident

understanding your
depression & anxiety

Success & Wellness Plan

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Personal Coaching Service

I help people manifest the life of their dreams! Sounds simple, however, this is done by helping people close the gap between where they currently are and where they wish to be. This is done primarily by doing work on an emotional, mental and spiritual aspect, with themes such as self-love, inner child healing, balancing the chakras, shadow work, mindset magic, vision & goals and more! It is by using these tools and cultivating unwavering self-love & care that you can manifest the life of your dreams!
A workshop geared to create and get clear on your vision and goals (short and long term) and how to turn that vision into a reality! Write out what your future looks like (ten years from now) after our guided meditation. Take the time to write in as much detail as possible about your career, home, personal time, family/social time, what you do for yourself, your health, your self-care habits, travel and whatever else you visualize.

Energetic Guidance

A deeper look into various life topics that may be on your mind and heart in order to be applied to invoke/initiate change. Topics include: love, relationships, health, career/life path, as well as possibility of messages from your spirit team. A 60-minute reading allows you to ask specific questions on various topics to get a fuller reading on your overall life at that point in time. All sessions are via video call and a duration of 60 minutes. 
A general reading on 1 or 2 pertinent themes in your life which allow for more clarity and guidance. The opportunity to become more aware of things to improve, change, or confirm with regards to a specific topic or of being on the right path. Some topics include: love, relationships, health, career/life path, as well as possibility of messages from your spirit team. You may also ask a specific question or two. This is ideal for a quick “check-in”  on s specific subject or following another reading/coaching session. All sessions are via video call and a duration of 30 minutes. 
Insight and guidance on a specific topic or question you have. This type of reading can be used to gain more clarity on something that your being is curious about or help make a decision that is based within your heart and soul. All “One Question” readings are offered via voice notes (about 7-10 minutes or so) and are available after 24-48 hours of purchase. This allows me to tap into your energy and offer tailored guidance/answers.


  • 6 pre-recorded modules and workbooks
  • 2x 1:1 Coaching Calls with Alyssa
Learn to manifest the life of your wildest dreams with this 6-module course! This course is perfect for those who are looking to tap into their truest and deepest life purpose and make it a reality! The focus of this program is to help get clear on general life vision, short- term and long-term goals. Learn to work with the law of attraction, manifestation rituals and releasing the blocks that are creating delays in making dreams into a reality. In addition, learn how to incorporate self-care and self-discipline daily in order to hone in your personal power.
  • 8 pre-recorded modules and workbooks
  • 2x 1:1 Coaching Calls with Alyssa
Tap into the highest and brightest version of yourself with this 8-module course! Learn the art of self-love, the impact of mindset and goal setting, shadow work integration, healing the inner child and more with this pre-recorded GLOW-UP program. By the end of this session, you will be feeling like the beautiful, abundant and glowing goddess that you already are. Sometimes, we just need to polish the diamond a little more in order to shine that much brighter! If you are looking to step into the most powerful, authentic, and prosperous Goddess you are, then this course is for you!
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